Top 10 Things to Cook with a Rice Cooker

Forget the thermomix (what on earth is that anyway?). Your humble rice cooker can cook some fantastic food, check out our top ten foods that aren’t rice that you can cook in your rice cooker.

#1 Pancakes Pancakes, thin or thick, you can cook in your rice cooker! You may need to flick the switch as its weight might not exactly match the cook time — keep a close eye on it.

#2 Eggs Boil (well, steam) eggs by putting a few cups of water into the cooker and placing eggs onto the steaming tray, voila!

#3 Soup Brown your onion and garlic with oil in the bottom of the heated rice cooker, then put in all other ingredients that you want and set, keep it cooking for about 45mins to 1 hour.

#4 Baked Potatoes Choose even-sized potatoes and pierce the skin with a fork. Place in bottom of your rice cooker and run a cook cycle, test if they’re cooked through and run again if needed.

#6 Yogurt Heat up milk on the stovetop — if you can, use a thermometer to get to 83ºC, then let the milk cool to 43ºC. Put two spoons of yoghurt into a small bowl and add 1 cup of the cooled milk into the yoghurt. Whisk, then pour back into the milk. Put it in a ceramic or glass bowl then place it inside your rice cooker.

#7 Beans & Lentils Pre-soak your beans for 4-5 hours and drain. Then add fresh water (or stock). Use 3-4 cups per cup of beans, then cook for 1-1.5 hours. Note: Lentils don’t need to be pre-soaked.

#8 Bread Follow your favorite bread recipe and then cook in the rice cooker twice on each side. Note: When you add the bread dough, make sure that it’s not too sticky. Otherwise it will cling to the cooking bowl. #9 Poached Apples Prepare apples as you like — with or without skin — and chop. Put into rice cooker along with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and about ¼ cup of water. Cook once without the lid on or until the syrup becomes almost caramelised.

#9 Bibimbap Prepare rice in the usual way and add the steam tray to steam your vegetables on the top, add more delicate vegetables like bean sprouts in the last few minutes. If you don’t like your egg on top raw, then fry in a frypan first before placing on top of your bibimbap.

#10 Vegetables or Dumplings Steamed vegetables or dumplings, so simple; water in the bottom, dumplings or vegetables in the steam tray, hit go.


+1 Bonus Recipe! Roasted Chicken Whole roasted chicken, peel and cut an onion in half and place flat side down in the cooker to provide a platform for your chicken. Rub in olive oil, salt and pepper to the chicken and put it on top of the onions. Add any other seasonings you desire, eg lemon, rosemary, paprika. Cook approximately 1 hour – check to be sure it’s cooked enough.


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