8 Things with a Blender You Didn’t Know You Can Make

  1. Make sorbet: Mango season here, so make the most of those luscious mangos by whipping up a tasty batch of mango sorbet.
  2. Grind coffee and spices: You don’t need a different machine for each job. Your blender is extremely versatile!
  3. Get saucy or try hollandaise, herb butters: Many traditional sauce recipes call for arm-aching whisking, cheat a little by making sauces in the blender; quick, easy and delicious!
  4. Make a cake: This is a good short cut in a place where it is less common to have beaters. Blend your cake ingredients. Did you know you can even bake it in a rice cooker?
  5. Whip cream or egg whites: This works best if you have a glass blender. Make sure it’s completely dry as water in your blender might leave you with not very whipped cream/eggs.
  6. Refreshing cocktails: When happy hour calls, mocktails or cocktails are perfect out of the blender.
  7. Pancake or waffle mix: using a soft to hard technique (see tip #2 on the next page), make up a perfect batch of pancake or waffle batter in no time!
  8. Make compost: No joke, break your food scraps down quicker and put them straight onto the garden.

Basic Blender Tips

1. Start low and increase the speed slowly.

2. Soft to hard; start with liquids, add softer ingredients and put solids in at the end.

3. Blender too noisy? Put a soundabsorbing mat underneath while you blend.

4. Use the pulse button, it helps dislodge unblended bits.

5. Be careful when blending hot ingredients. Carefully release the steam.

6. Clean it immediately after use to avoid build up — many blenders you can detach the blade section for easy cleaning.

7. Deep clean by putting water and dish soap in for a quick blend!


Mango Sorbet Recipe

(Serves 8)

Combine ½ cup water ¼ cup lime juice and ¼ cup sugar in a saucepan.

Heat over medium to low flame until sugar is dissolved and cool.

Puree ripe mango in the blender. Stir syrup mix into mango puree and then freeze in an ice cube tray or flat container, so it’s easy to break up and put in your blender once frozen.

Break into pieces and blend. Serve immediately or store in the freezer for later.

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