Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire…

Get fueled up on good coffee and get cracking on your assignment, start up business or pressing deadline.

BioLab has created a great environment in the upstairs section of its Siem Reap cafe that is perfect for online workers. The main area is usually humming quietly with workers throughout the day, and there are three balconies, favored by those that need to have a meeting or a chat.

There’s even a private boardroom if you need to get really serious. They have Khmer and western food on offer, so you really have everything you need on site for a full and productive work day. On the ground floor the feeling is more like a conventional cafe. If you just fancy a meal or a cup of coffee then here is the place to go without feeling guilty that you’re not glued to your laptop like the frenetic workers above. The theme of the cafe plays on science and laboratory tests, as the name suggests, and many coffees and juices are served in beakers and flasks, giving it a really cute novelty factor. The coffee itself is reasonably good and, for one of the cheaper dine-in options in town, it’s not surprising that the place is constantly busy with a mix of local students and freelance workers from around the world. This successful cafe was founded by a young man from Siem Reap, Chou Samnang, in late 2016. In just a year he’s built up this place into a reliable venue with a relaxed and productive atmosphere.


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