Pastries & Bakery

We can thank the former French occupation in Cambodia for the presence of delectable pastries and baguettes today   Too beautiful to eat… Too delicious to resist ~ Bloom Cafe Bloom Cafe and Training Centre Step into Bloom Cafe and enter a world where barista-made coffee, refreshing smoothies, delicious chai, and a mouth-watering range of […]

Ice Cold Delight

  A uniquely Asian treat for a hot day, shaved ice with toppings is natural and refreshing. Recently, modern techniques and ingredients have developed this invigorating street snack into a truly gourmet bonne bouche, from simple to simply amazing! Patbingsu is a mound of flavored, crushed ice topped by a mantle of\ sweet red beans, […]

Alive & Kicking

The ever-evolving seafood game is alive and well – flipping, pinching, and flapping all the way to the bank. On the menu are live lobsters, gianttiger prawns, glistening oysters, fresh Norwegian salmon, and fine Russian caviar. These revitalizing guests arrive via new shipping routes, with proper handling procedures and quality storage facilities. If you’re more […]

The Spices of Life

Everyone loves a little spice in life. A well-spiced dish can set you aglow with gustatoryanticipation and open the senses. Combined with freshness and variety, Cambodia has a plenitude of herbs and spices that offer amazing taste and health benefits! But what exactly are these herbs and spices and their health benefits? Cambodian traditional herbs […]

Flavors of Mexico (Mexican)

Salsa, guacamole and sour cream blend together in the most pleasing way. Partner it with a margarita with fresh lime and salt and you have a great combo. How on earth did Mexican cuisine appear in Cambodia? Popular restaurant, Viva Mexican Bar & Grill, in Siem Reap began when Lao Bunthinh returned to Siem Reap […]

Lort Cha

CAMBODIAN PAN-FRIED NOODLES A favorite among locals and tourists, Lort Cha is a dish that captures the basic idea or impression that most people have about Cambodia: it’s hassle-free, economical and — most of all — more than meets the eye. Lort is a type of short rice noodle that is made from flour and […]